Sunday, December 04, 2005


I've been tagged, which means I get to talk about myself. YAY. ROFL. Okay seriously, I'm really shy but here goes. I think I'm supposed to be telling you 15 personal and writing preference facts about myself. I'll try to write things I'll bet you all didn't know.

1. I got my first motercycle when I was five years old. It was a Honda 50 but I prefer Harleys.
2. I could shoot the "o" out of a coke can with my pellet gun from halfway across 5 acres before I was 8. That was a Daisy BB gun but I prefer semiautomatics. :-)
3. I have batted around the idea of writing a MOM lit. Don't ask me to explain what that is because I don't quite have a handle on it myself.
4. I lived in New Mexico near an Indian reservation, an ice cave, and a dead volcanoe for 16 years. I prefer to be close to family.
5. I love to read action/adventure, romantic suspense, and just plain good love stories, even historicals. I read both secular and Christian writers. I love to write military stories and I've never been in the military.
6. One thing I hate is stories and movies that do not have a happy ending. Life is hard enough and many people read to escape. Therefore I will ALWAYS write happy endings into my story. I can't control life but I can control the lives of my characters. Usually. :-)
7. I was the best archery and chess club student in high school. I put a tiny slice of me into every book I write.
8. I am seriously addicted to books.
9. My husband fully supports my habit, although he says he's NOT building one more bookshelf in the house.
10. I am now grieving over which books I will have to give up to make room for more.
11. I'm a certified practical joker but prefer NOT to have jokes played on me which is a moot preference since I live with The Master Joker himself---Mr. Billy.
12. I am helping to open a library in a small town here where I live. I prefer to sit and read the books instead of sand the shelves and stack the books. LOL!
13. I have a huge heart for orphans and usually have them in my books somehow.
14. I love my children more than anything.
15. I want them, and my entire family to know God more than anything. That's my biggest prayer.

I tag Gretchen, Syndi, Robin, Sandy, and Christa.



Camy Tang said...

Tagged again??? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Neato list, though, Squirly. Getting excited about India? I'm praying for you!

Margaret Daley said...

Love your answers, especially number 6 is exactly the way I feel.