Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sensational Structural Editor

Here's another link and info for an excellent structural editor.

Hi! My name is Camy Tang, and I have a critique service called The Story Sensei.A novel's structure is like a button-down shirt. It can bemis-buttoned so that the story elements aren't quite in the rightplaces or emphasized enough, making the manuscript disjointed.I also know that writers are DIRT POOR (I'm one of them), and manycan't afford to hire a freelance editor to go through their entiremanuscript (which costs anywhere from $300 to $3000) and identifystructural flaws.I offer a cheaper, specialized alternative.For only $40, I will do a high-level structural critique of your storyusing a 2-page single-spaced synopsis and a chapter-by-chaptersynopsis. I'll look for things like:• Good pacing, strong sense of movement• Setting as a character• Unique story premise• Voice• Clear story arc--beginning, middle, end• Inciting Incident• External goals• Internal goals• Obstacles/conflict• Epiphany/sacrifice• Black Moment• Flaws• Unique/original characters• Secondary characters--goals, depth, contribute to the storyYou can find more information on my website, including testimoniesfrom writers who have benefited from my services:! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.Camy


Robin Caroll said...

I can vouch for this service! I wouldn't send out a synopsis without Camy going over it with her fine tooth comb! :)

Margaret Daley said...

I have tagged you. Visit my blog and you will see.


Camy Tang said...

Thanks, Squirly!