Tuesday, September 20, 2005


In the Contemporary Romance Category was....


Can you believe it?

Here are the rest of the winners:

Noble Theme 2005 Final Results:

Contemporary Romance
1 - Covenant Seal by Cheryl Wyatt
2 - Honor Bound by Tamara Cooper
3 - The Shepherd by Ruth Logan Herne

General Fiction
1 - The First Gift by Ruth Logan Herne
2 - When The Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall
3 - The Little Church that Wouldn't Die by Paula Moldenhauer

General Historical
1 - Windows in the Dark by Sara Probasco
2 - Distant Thunder by Christina Miller
3 - Solemn Vows by Jill Johnson

Historical Romance
1 - Love on a Dime by Carolyn Slaughter
2 - Precious Possessions by Audra L. Harders
3 - A Chasing After Wind by Julie Lessman

1 - Furious Dragon by Camy Tang
2 - Home Runs by Rebecca L. Deel
3 - Assault of Evil by Robin Miller

Romantic Suspense
1 - Undo the Dark by Margaret Moseley
2 - Voice of Bells by Suzan Robertson
3 - Broken by Katie CushmanScience

1 - Star's Daughter by Lynette Sowell
2 - Riders of the Dream by Kristine E. Pratt
3 - Liberty's Son by Ronie Kendig

The Janet Grant award for Outstanding New Writer 2005 - Margaret Moseley,Undo The Dark

The most awesome thing about the conference was the victory of my obedience though. Last year at ACFW I went with my own agenda. This year I went praying like breathing and with a heart to serve others. I know God asked me to go focused on others and not myself. I poured myself into that and I can honestly tell you the fact that God enabled me to have a soft heart that said yes when He asked me to give up my own agenda for the sake of others is the true victory for me. I'll tell you though, winning the Noble Theme was pretty awesome, too!

Thanks judges!



Pammer said...

congrats again!

Dee said...

congrats! Thank you for the message about serving others. I am having a tough time at home trying to take care of siblings and a parent on my disability income. Two ministers have told me to hang in and don't feel bitter, and to stop focusing on myself. I am going to really focus on making my family feel good today despite all things God knows I need. Thanks for the entry.