Thursday, January 27, 2005

Here's another prompt!!!

Write a scene involving an airline pilot, a female Air Marshall Officer, and a *situation* on the plane that requires an emergency landing.

Did you notice the Air Marshall is female? Today's tip is this:
Find an unusual twist to make your story *different* than all the others. You could even try writing a story about a male Air Marshall and make the pilot female! Female pilots are unusual. So go for it. It's hard to come up with something fresh and as they say, "There's nothing new under the sun." But at least you can put your special touches on it and make it your own. Good luck! I'd like to see what everyone wrote so don't be shy. My emal is

Don't forget, the contest is happening. Don't miss your chance to write a scene about Kaylee and her endangered bagel. Scroll down for details.

Have a great day!

Father, I commit this day to You. May I be in tune with what You're doing in the lives of the people I meet today. Help me be a blessing to someone who desperately needs a touch from You. Make Yourself real to someone through me today. Thank You.

Uh.....well, that would have to be all my typos in the last few posts. *Blush* *Blush* *Blush* I really DO know it should have been heal and not heel. Tee hee. So the tip for the day: Proofread by paper. Some of us have a hard time seeing our mistakes on computer for some reason.

Bye for now.


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