Monday, January 09, 2012

Story Starter Scene Prompts-17

Story Starter Prompt
• Write a 500-3500 word scene using five of fifteen Prompt Words.
• Begin each scene using one of three Scene Starter Sentences.
• Use any combination of (1) sentence/(5) words.
• Do three separate scenes with each prompt sentence if you want.
• Or if you’re really brave, try using ALL 15 prompt words in their proper usage and incorporate all three sentences into your scene hook ins or hooks out.
• Most of all, have fun!

Prompt Words:
1. Turtle
2. Milestone
3. Grass
4. Greyhound
5. Grace
6. Bracelet
7. Bus
8. Dog
9. Dropped
10. Familiar
11. Handshake
12. Scarf
13. Silk
14. Somewhere
15. Before

Scene Starter Sentences:
A. "Have we met before?"
B. "Excuse me, Ma' dropped this."
C. He just remembered.

Happy Writing!

Cheryl Wyatt

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Vince said...

Hi Cheryl:

This contest looked like fun so I wrote a story using all the prompts. However, while it is under the 3,500 word maximum, it is too long to post on your site. So I have posted it on my site.

Philosophy of Romance

I hope you will take a look at it.