Monday, March 22, 2010

Faith for a splinter & miracles abound

Astonished & thankful. Last week, God pushed a splinter from a little girl's finger.

Yesterday he raised someone I love from death.

Grandma Veda went into Vtac then full arrest. Code team started compressions then recalled she's a DNR. Stopped CPR. Gma unresponsive several moments. Then her arms flew up & she started breathing on her own w/no intervention. Sat up immediately & later asked for food. Cardiologist termed it a miracle. Said, "People don't come back from this without the paddles. This rhythm is lethal. They usually drop dead and can't be brought back & they certainly don't come back on their own. It wasn't her time. It just wasn't her time."

Thanks be to God.

Then more miracles occurred in the cath lab. The doctor brought out her last films and compared them in front of us with the current films & said they were surprised to get in there and find no intervention needed. 1.No blockage found. 2.Last film showed she had two collapsed vessels so the third was stented. Dr (astonished) said, "Not only is the stented vessel fine, 1 of the 2 closed vessels has somehow reopened on its own."


I know how.

By His stripes we are healed...

Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit for the peace and presence of yesterday. Profound thanks for more time with my granny.

She's determined to catch that elusive albino catfish in my parents' pond this summer.

Maybe God is determined she will too. :-)

Please believe.

God is alive and well and in control no matter what the circumstances look like.

If you're moved, whisper a prayer for her and shout a thanks for us because we have her for a while longer. God is still God. He is in control. He holds the keys.

I hope, in the light of this crazy health care plan, that brings peace in the midst of your fear regarding the future of America. Trust God and you will not be shaken no matter what is going on around you. We have a God who cares deeply about the stuff that concerns us. He is active and can intervene. He made a man out of dirt, a woman out of bone and He breathed life back into my grandma yesterday.



Susan said...

What a beautiful post! Praying for her. I love how much this must have ministered to so many even unaware.



Danica/Dream said...


JeanKinsey said...

Oh Cheryl, How wonderful our God is!

Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D. said...

Praise God! My father was given 48 hours to live and I went up north to the hospital where they kept taking stuff off of him each day and telling me there was "nothing more the doctors could do" and then Dad revived and lived five more years! I love these stories of God's miracles, thanks for sharing!

Carla Gade said...

Cheryl!!! This is amazing ~ Our God reigns!