Friday, July 03, 2009

Free Book Fridays

Hey all,

Due to deadlines I've had to put Free Book Fridays and Prompt Tuesdays on hold for a few months.

BUT....once I start that back up this year, I'll make up time by giving away AN ENTIRE BOX OF STEEPLE HILL BOOKS!

So thanks for hanging in there with me during my busy season.

Hugs all!



Linda said...

Can you give us the title of the book you are working on? Or is it books? Deadlines are deadlines, they come first! Blessings!

Edna said...

May the Lord be with you as you write this new book maybe it will be in a contest when it comes out, boy I would love to win all those books and hope I don't miss the contest when it comes out.


Wesfan said...

Wow. I finished A Soldier's Reunion recently, and it was excellent.

Project Journal said...

The box set sounds GREAT! : ) I can't wait...
My prayers are with you during this very busy time of year. Hope all is going well!

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to more books. Thanks for writing.
Karen M