Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blush & Cringe-Nearly Took Out Driver's Ed Instructor

Oh man...if my niece "Gidge" reads this, she is SO not gonna let me live this down. She forgot her learner's permit and she had one hour until she had to be back to the school for her driver's ed class which is, as you know held in a car most of the time.

So we pull up with like thirty seconds to spare and she points out her driver's ed instructor who I suddenly realize looked strikingly similar to the man I'd nearly ran over last week leaving the parking lot. The one who not quite but nearly had to dive for cover and my car careened and bumped across potholes toward him.

Well! He was in my blind spot and I accidentally peeled out because of the gravel. Then I started laughing today and almost backed into the gym because I was backing out of a narrow alley type thing, trying not to run over pot holes because I didn't want to get my new car (new for me since my wreck) dirty.

Well, I almost scraped paint off my new car in a concentrated effort to stay out of mud holes.

And my niece was oblivious the whole time. LOL!

The instructor wasn't however. I'm pretty sure he will be giving my niece a few driving pointers to pass along to me.

But, to my credit, I DID use my blinker because I knew he might be watching.

Wrong blinker since I was backing out. But least I used my blinker.

Menace to society,

Cheryl Wyatt


Janet Page said...

If it will make you feel any better, Cheryl!! Yeeeaaarrrsss ago when I was in driver's ed my instructor told me to pararell park the car and I asked him if I needed to be in first or second(stick shift)LOL. Of course for that shining moment my classmates were also in the car.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

LOL! Janet, that's funny. Man, all the embarrassing stuff happens when people are looking, huh?

You know, it's not really fair if you ask niece says they no longer teach them how to parallel park! Not sure if this is true everywhere. But...THAT was the hardest part for me.


Jessiecue said...

This is hilarious! They no longer teach you to pararrell park in TN. At least not the school I graduated from.

Ausjenny said...

Oh my thats funny. Your poor neice.
I hope he doesn't make her do extra incase she drives like her aunt.