Monday, February 16, 2009

A Different Kind of Daniel's Den

Another day, another great book to tell you about!

I don't mean the Biblical Daniel, you know, the one who survived the lion's den. LOL!

Daniel's Den by Brandt Dodson is a thriller you won't want to miss.


In this fast–paced thriller by popular author Brandt Dodson, a young government accountant learns to trust God when his life begins to fall apart and unseen enemies pursue him with relentless zeal.

Daniel Borden is a thirty–year–old government accountant who lives a quiet life and plays by the rules. But when events transpire that shatter his orderly world and a team of assassins mark him for death, Daniel must flee for his life.

While on the run, Daniel encounters Laura Traynor. Carefree and easygoing, Laura is everything that Daniel isn’t. But when the killers assigned to eliminate Daniel find him at Laura’s bed–and–breakfast, gunfire erupts and the two set out on the run once again.

As they try to unravel the mystery that confronts them, they discover how tenuous life can be and how their very existence depends on the God who will never abandon them.

A perfect suspense tale for readers who love Dee Henderson, James Scott Bell, Brandilyn Collins, and James Patterson.

In Brandt's words: I come form a long line of police officers going as far back as the 1930's, and on both sides of my family. That background ultimately lead to my employement with the FBI, but my ultimate career choice lead me in another direction.

I am a board-certified Podiatrist and one of a few (about a 100) surgeons in the country who perform the peripheral nerve decompression for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

I have been writing since I was a kid, and now have the pleasure of publishing and hearing from readers. (It doesn't get any better than that.)

I've been married to my college sweetheart for almost 26 years and I have two great sons. (Again - it doesn't get any better than that.)

My ultimate goal is to do what I love most. And that is to continue writing, both mystery and suspense.

After all, I've grown quite fond of Colton Parker.

Cheryl here, we readers have grown quite fond of Colton Parker too!

I hope you will pick up Daniel's Den SOON wherever books are sold. Daniel's Den is the kind of book that plays out in your mind like a movie. Kudos to Brandt for his unique and riveting style of writing that enables us to see and experience the story rather than just read the story.

Cheryl Wyatt

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