Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been buried in multiple contest stuff and polishing my manuscript...you know, the one we plotstormed together.
Guess what?
It's going in the mail tomorrow!!!
I'm polishing up the synopsis tonight and in the morning, then it's to the mail box we go.
Later this week I will post more ways I managed to cut nearly 7000 words from my manuscript.
Thanks for your patience and readership even though I've been MIA somewhat. I promise to start posting more.


Patricia W. said...

Congratulations, Cheryl! What a great feeling that must be. Many prayers.

Christa said...

Wahoo, Cheryl! Ready to do some blog reading!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Yeah, I was starting to get a complex...I mean, I add you to my to be read blog list and you don't post anymore. Sheesh. I thought it was me. LOL. ;)

Congrats on getting some writing done amongst both contests. You're a better woman than me. LOL. I keep saying as soon as I finish this book...