Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Rules. Just Write

Forgot to mention the name of the author who has this motto. Her name is Brenda Coulter and you should check out her website. She has excellent tips on writing and formatting. her website. her blog.

She is also a Steeple Hill author, and hangs out on the eHarlequin community here:

Be sure and check Brenda's links out! She taught me everything I know about formatting a manuscript and getting it ready for submission, for which I'm deeply thankful.

You can check out other Steeple Hill authors here:

I'm even there! It seems surreal!!!!

I just have to shout it again....THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!! I'm still stunned that I'm actually going to get to share shelf space with these phenomenal authors!!!!!!



-- Gal. 2:20 Pouring my vial of words over Him.

A SOLDIER'S PROMISE~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Jan. 2008

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Hope Chastain said...

Oh, I know, when I first went over to the SteepleHillAuthors site and found your name there, I just about shouted! It made me so happy for you!!!

Brenda's the first one who made me realize my manuscript was WAY overweight, too! LOL Even after the change of the way words are counted...

I'm so thankful for the caring, sharing dispositions of these lovely ladies, present company definitely included!